How does your experience prepare you for the duties of this office?

I have dedicated my life to the fight for justice. My vast experience as a practicing attorney, coupled with my fourteen years of service in the Maryland House of Delegates has prepared me to be an effective senator for all of the residents and communities of the 41st legislative district.


What changes, if any, do you support in the process for drawing congressional and legislative district lines in Maryland?

I support the appointment of an independent redistricting commission to ensure a fair and transparent process of determining congressional and legislative boundaries. With Maryland currently being one of the most gerrymandered states in the country we must ensure that any and all efforts are non-partisan.


What are the most significant environmental challenges and how will you address them?

Lead poisoning, water quality, leaking sewage and air toxins are all pressing environmental issues, that I will continue to create legislation that holds willful wrong doers accountable. All these hazards destroy lives and caste an additional burden on those with the least. I will also support legislation that moves us toward 100% clean energy usage and fossil fuel independence.


What policies will you support to address discrimination based on race, gender, religion, disability, or poverty?

As senator, I will sponsor and support legislative initiatives to address pay equity and criminal justice reform. I believe in equal access and opportunity for all people no matter their background, race, sexual orientation or religious belief. In my current role as Director of the office of civil rights and wage enforcement I fight any and all forms of discrimination.


What education policies would you support and how would you fund them?

I would sponsor and support legislation to ensure that the recommendations of the Kirwan Commission would be implemented and become law. I will ensure that the school funding formula directly addresses the historic inequities suffered by children of Baltimore City. My goal as senator will be to ensure equity in education funding from pre-k to higher education, inclusive of our HBCU’s.


What are the most significant health challenges facing Maryland and how will you address them?

I support a single-payer health care system. No matter where one lives one should have access to quality and affordable healthcare. I believe that access to quality and affordable healthcare is a fundamental right.


What are your transportation priorities and how should they be funded?

I support interconnectivity of a comprehensive Baltimore city transportation system with expanded bus, rail and subway access using a complete streets model. I will be a consistent advocate for funding such a model because we know that an individual’s commute time is directly correlated to their ability to break the cycle of poverty.

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